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4 Adorable Shoe Styles for Your Bridesmaids

4 Adorable Shoe Styles for Your Bridesmaids

So, the big day is approaching, and with all your attention on your wedding dress and the choice of footwear, it is not a big deal if you forget about what your bridesmaid is going to dress up in, but well, at the end of the day, they are the ones who will make your wedding photos look joyful and fun, right? Many brides let their bridesmaids choose what they want to wear and how they want to dress up, but when it comes to a themed wedding party, things change. Specific colours and styles make it easier to streamline your options, and it gives a beautiful look to your 'team', isn't it? The odd one out here isn't the coolest thing here and matching up is a real win-win. With the increasing number of boutique stores online, it has become easier to choose the best fit for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Winter weddings need a lot more attention when it comes to styling outfits for different events. The cold mandates it to wear clothes that keep you warm. At the same time, you wish to wear some chic attires to make the occasion memorable for the bride. If your bridal party is all about styling up short dresses, it is common to wish for matching shoes. When it comes to shoes, comfort matters over style, and keeping that in mind while deciding on the perfect footwear for your ladies is a must. After all, who wants sore feet to spoil the party? We have curated a list of boutique wedding shoes that you can choose from and pick the best option for your bride team.

Bridesmaid shoes you can try out this winter wedding. 

Strappy Sandals


It is tricky to find the most comfortable bridesmaid shoe online. However, it depends on the structure of the foot. While some people have small, narrow ankles, there are others with wider ankles. Thankfully strappy ladies sandals come with the option of adjustment of ankle straps for convenience. To maximize comfort, you can adjust the strap and slay all day. If you're looking for stylish sandals, then these are for you. Strappy heels make sure your feet don't ache, and they are not just limited to open-toe options, you can also go in for closed or pointed toes. Our favourite thing about these shoes is that they come in a huge range of colours and fabrics, you can choose from nude shade leathers to sequinned or shimmery options, and they will never disappoint you.

Further, you can put some skinny stockings with nude shades under the sandals to cover your legs and protect them from the cold. And there you are, ready to create the best memories in the midst of winters.



Not everyone is comfortable wearing heels, and that is understandable. Some people cannot even handle a two-inch heel, and if your bridesmaids fall into that category, you needn't worry. Wedges are the most suitable option in this case. They're not just super comfortable but also look extremely glamorous when worn. They support the foot in the best way possible, give a cushion to your feet, and add to the chic factor too. The best part about wedges is they can be worn long after the event is over, and you won't even feel tired. Forget the wedding, these can be paired, later on in life with almost anything and will be a choice your bride tribe won't regret, ever. 

Wedges are available in a variety of heights. You can choose the height according to your bridesmaids' choices. Further, you can also customize the designs and fabrics. Sit with your bridesmaids, ask for their opinions and get the wedges that will give them a life long memory of your wedding!

Black sandals


Who said you couldn't do without heels on your wedding day? Sandals are the cutest alternatives for heels, and stylish black sandals for girls are universal and go with every outfit. They come in a huge variety of styles, colours, and fabrics. They are super easy to wear and style. Sandals can make the ride easier from the bachelorette to the reception because your feet will never get tired. These are also budget-friendly, so you can save up for a better-looking dress. Get a well-tailored look and have fun with your sandals.

Slip-on sneakers


If you are experimental and love to give a preference to fun over style, then there is no way you can so no to slip-on sneakers. It has become a trend to don your favourite white sneakers, vans, or converse shoes with your wedding outfit. You can wear them again and again even after the wedding gets done with. These are extremely comfortable, stylish, and edgy. Choose a colour that matches your dress and the pattern and fabric of choice, and you'll be the sassiest bride out there with the coolest bride tribe.

The all-time chic boots for girls


How can you forget boots, especially when you are choosing shoes for winter events? They are trendy and go with almost every marriage outfit. If it's a bachelorette party, and you all are planning for a short dress, the knee-length boots can protect your legs from catching a cold. The market also offers stylish boots with or without laces that perfectly fits with all the wedding outfits. They are the symbol of fashion with the utmost comfort and warmth during the winters.

Enjoy your big day with this cute and glamorous footwears!


Your big day is the one you'll always remember. Although it might seem stressful, it isn't that challenging to select shoes anymore. You can also hunt a little more and opt for boots, block heels, or open-toe booties and you'll find plenty of them in the market for your special event on a cold wintry day. So, worry less and get excited to style up your tribe with the best shoe styles in the town.

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