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Flawless Prom look: A complete DIY prom makeup guide 2020

Flawless Prom look: A complete DIY prom makeup guide 2020

Soon with the arrival of Prom 2020, the quest for finding the right & the perfect prom dress would begin, but there are a few other things as well like an admirable prom makeup, that would help make your prom night & your prom look a hit for you. It is to know what things you may consider to give a complete look to your most awaited event. This must be a perfect amalgamation of the right accessories & the right makeup. A great mix of jewellery, prom accessories, and a beauty look to suit your skin & prom dress is all you need, to rock your Prom 2020.

Find your inspiration:

Getting a dose of inspiration is vital in knowing the best makeup & the prom dress you may need to put together a perfect look. Find about the same on different websites or the internet to understand what might suit you or what you must avoid. Check out new makeup looks which may blend in perfectly with your dress & try out those looks.

Blend in the colours:

When you make a choice of your dress, your job doesn't end there. Matching the dress with Tickled Pink's Favourite Prom accessories & the colors you choose for your makeup is equally important. A co-ordinated colour combination that fine-tunes your entire look is what you need to focus on.

Match your look with the right products:

By saying products, it means, you not only need the right set of applicators, sponges, false lashes, etc. but also a complete skincare set & the perfect accessories that will sync in well with your choice of dress & also help you give a finishing look to your makeup.

Go for a makeup test:

To ace the look at your prom, the first thing you can do is to get your hands easily on your face with your choice of makeup. The colour you choose for your dress & the colours you select for your makeup must flatter your skin tone & make it look more effortless. This can be achieved only through practicing the look so that there are no last minute errors.

Get set for a trial run:

Prepping up for the most popular event of high school, you must first go for a trial run. Whether you choose a red prom dress or you go for a green prom dress.

whichever outfit you select, you will get an idea of what coloured accessories or what makeup ideas will go the best with the dress. You can even take a picture of your final look which can help you save a lot more time by replicating the same on the day of the event.

Start early:

Keep yourself free from other work on the day of the event & start preparing for it early. Make sure the area where you would be dressing is available & double-check everything you need for the event. This includes everything, right from your prom outfit to your makeup essentials, to your prom accessories, etc. Do not run with creating your look & give enough time to glam up for making a style statement at the event.

Take professional help:

In case you know how to ace the game at doing your DIY Prom makeup, then you know what things you need to create a charismatic look that will help you stand out amongst the rest at the event. But, if you are nervous or lack the confidence to create a look you desire, you can seek help from an expert or a professional. Make sure the professional is available for you that day & also check out their previous work or portfolio to know what look they can create for you and discuss your preference.

Carry essential makeup:

Shop for all the products & essential items that you may need the day of the event a week before as you might need to carry it in your clutch or bag. Keep your foundation, lip colour, blotting paper & small mirror, handy. This will make it easy for you to keep a check on your makeup & look.

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