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Guide to choosing the Perfect Prom accessories for Prom night 2020

Guide to choosing the Perfect Prom accessories for Prom night 2020

The most exciting event for any high school student - Prom is on its way already for 2020. Most girls are still confused even after zeroing down on their prom dress color, style, and Flawless Prom look that they plan to opt for, but they haven't still figured out their prom accessories. Believe it or not, accessories play a major role in giving you that perfect prom look. Adding accessories to prom dresses acts like putting the cherry on the cake.

So, here is

The ultimate guide that helps you to choose your prom accessories.

Match it with your dress style:

First, understand the type of dress you would be wearing & then focus on the style of it. For halter top prom dresses, wearing a necklace is a complete no-no. Instead, pair it with simple but elegant earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. For showing off your neckpiece, you can choose strapless dresses. Synchronize your accessories by knowing your dress style.

Coordinate with your dress colour:

For choosing the right prom accessories, knowing what different types of it can go with the colour of your dress is also essential. You can go for neutral coloured prom shoes & prom jewellery when you choose a multi-coloured dress. This way, you can get the best of both, the colours of your dress & the shimmer of the jewellery. With dresses that have heavy detailing, you can choose gold or silver jewellery & pair it with neutral coloured shoes.

All noir needs attractive jewellery:

When it comes to a beautiful Black Prom Dress nothing comes better than a choice of gold & silver accessories. This is a classic combination of black with silver/gold & never fails at any event. Jewellery in silver gives a suave look to a black dress & for this; you can even select jewel-toned accessories to draw everyone's attention.

Choose contrasting colours:

When you decide to wear a solid colour like a royal Blue Prom Dress, you must also choose contrasting shades for your accessories like a clutch which is implanted with pitch-black gemstones or silver gemstones. This would really help in uplifting your overall look & make you feel more confident.

Synchronize the jewellery & the dress:

If you are crazy about long necklaces, then deeper neckline dresses are a thumbs up, while for short necklaces go for higher neckline dresses. For showing off your chic style bracelet, sleeveless dresses make a great choice. For strapless designed dresses, you can go with long & glitzy earrings & if you have a halter neckline dress then choose delicate earrings. Girls aiming for a subtle look; can choose double rings, sparkles or stone rings to give them a simplistic yet stylish look. Clutches can be matched well with metallics of the dress. And for your Prom Shoes metallic shade sandals with desirable buckles are perfect to draw the attention of many. Garters also make up for a great accessory at prom & you can match them with the colour of your dress to complete your look. The tiaras are equally an essential prom accessory that can give you a dazzling look. If you opt for a Green Prom Dress, you can match a diamond tiara with green stones & feel like a queen already.

Pearls & diamonds are forever:

Irrespective of what dress colour, style or type you select for your prom night; pearls, diamonds, clear gems or rhinestones are considered to be the best choices that in itself can make up for a great style statement. It will help you communicate your personality as these jewels exude royalty & make you feel like a diva. Keeping in mind which pearls or gems you would be wearing, you can select any dress of your choice since these will only help enhance your look extravagantly. For instance, if you wear a White Prom Dress, then pairing it with pearls can give you an astonishing & timeless look. In any case, pearls & diamonds can never go wrong.

There is a world of options available at Tickled Pink Boutiques to make your prom night your night with the best prom dresses & prom accessories to go with it. Also, if you lack inspiration, you can even take to the internet to know more from your style icons for the latest trends. Remember, when you are confident with what you wear, your personality radiates an absolute positivity that reaches others too.