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How to Make a Trendy Jumpsuit Your "Go to" for Work

How to Make a Trendy Jumpsuit Your "Go to" for Work

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when we say “office summer outfits”? Most likely it would be pencil skirts paired with a top or a pair of formal pants and a shirt, right? But work clothes don’t have to be that boring all the time especially when it is summer. Most women love to wear jumpsuits as summer outfits, but what if we tell you that you can wear your favorite jumpsuit at work too! Yes, Jumpsuits can be your ideal summer wear at work if you know how to carry it and accessorize it. 

In this article, we will share some tips on how these cool wear’s, otherwise ideal for fun evening outings can be transformed into your perfect summer office wear for 2020.

Trendy Jumpsuits for Women at Work!

Keep the Straps Loose:

Pick a jumpsuit where you can keep the straps loose or adjust it to avoid any gaps in the crotch area. Loose trendy jumpsuits are in fashion, so if you want roomy summer wear, pick a spacious jumpsuit and pair it up with a top. If you’re wondering what kind of top will look good, then tops with ruffled sleeves, laces, and pleats go well with these types of jumpsuits. 


jumpsuits for women


Choose the Color Wisely:

Jumpsuits are fun and you are tempted to go wild with the prints, style, and colors. But, remember, when you are choosing jumpsuits for work you need to be mindful of the color. The best bet is for neutral colors that work best in an office setting. Black, white, olives are some of the cool colors to choose from. Stripes in pastel shades look light and fresh too. Additionally, it helps you to look slimmer if you want to conceal those extra pounds. However, you need not stick to only neutral colors. Summer wears look fresh when they have bright colors, floral prints, and vibrant stripes. If you want to sport a different look, pick an all-black jumpsuit and accessories with a bit of gold.


rompers for women


Be Selective:

Jumpsuits that are buttoned up to give a formal shirt like appearance and hence make it more convenient workwear. Choose jumpsuits with sleeves to make it look like formal wear. Alternatively, you can go for a deep V-necked jumpsuit for a taller look. 

formal jumpsuits


Accessorize Well:

Your summer outfits are incomplete without the right accessories. If you have picked up your favorite jumpsuit to wear at work, ensure you have the right piece of accessories as well. For example, a solid color jumpsuit goes well with a trendy belt. If you are planning to wear a bright and colorful jumpsuit at work, you can tone it down to suit the formal office environment with a matching neutral color blazer or a stole. Finish it up with a casual bag and comfortable shoes. Remember, if you are wearing a bold print jumpsuit do not overdo with heavy and detailed jewelry. Instead, keep them subtle so that your jumpsuit gets all the attraction. 


  • A black jumpsuit can be worn in many ways. To add a dash of color, throw in a blazer. For a semi-formal look, accessorize with contemporary jewelry. 
  • Pick up a denim jumpsuit if you wish to sport a youthful and jovial look. Denim jumpsuits are versatile, durable, and can be styled in for different occasions with the right pieces of accessories.
  • Go for long and wide-length jumpsuits with floral motifs on those office outings or office dinner parties. It can be a perfect summer evening wear. 

Jumpsuits are great summer outfits not just for casual evening outings but can be your go-to for work too. Pick up neutral tones, wide-legged ones, bright summer hues, or stripes and team it up with frilled tops, lacy shirts, and you’re set to spend the day at work. Complement your look with the right jewelry, bags, and shoes.