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Prom guide 2020: How to match your hairstyle with your prom look.

Prom guide 2020: How to match your hairstyle with your prom look.

Dancing in the moonlight and looking absolutely stunning on your Prom Night is the dream of every high school youngling Isn’t it?

So you have chosen your prom dress with perfect prom shoes, the accessories, and zeroed on the entire prom look that you want to go with. But have you thought about the prom hairstyle?  Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, finding the perfect hairstyle for prom is a big deal to complete your perfect look.

So to make things easy for our high school sweethearts read…

Our Advice on Choosing Hairstyle to blend well with your prom look.

Study your Dress Style: 




If you have chosen a Glamorous High Neck Prom Dress with a unique pattern on the shoulders or at the back, you should avoid leaving your hair open. Put them in a bun or tie them up in a way that it doesn’t cover up the design. You can go with a smooth twist, a low bun or a high bun if that suits you. Such gowns also look better when you wear your hair in an elaborate cluster of curls, or a side-sweeping style with a cascade of curls.

Add sparkle with Hair-Accessories: 



If you are wearing a simple gown with little to no embellishments, hair accessories might just enhance your look perfectly. Headbands or jeweled clips might help you add a bling to your dress. Straightening your hair and putting in a simple jeweled headband makes you look as perfect as a princess. If you love wearing tiaras, a ball gown is your go-to outfit to wear it with. However, if you are wearing a jazzy glittery gown, avoid wearing too many hair accessories. That will just make you look extra sparkly and less classy. With such dresses, just let your hair down, do some beach waves or straighten them a little and you’re good to go.

Salon Or DIY:

If you’re planning to get your hairstyle done at a salon, make sure to fix a prior appointment. Secondly, do your research on Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever you can find ideas for your prom hairstyles. Show them to your hairstylist, if possible fix a trial session to know how it looks on you before you finalize.

The same rules apply if you are getting your hair done at home. Practice makes one perfect, so it is important that you get the hang of the style that you plan to wear. The more you practice, the easier it will be for your D-day. Also, keep all the necessary styling aids like pins, sprays, waxes, and hair-accessories if you plan to wear any ready in advance.

What’s your Style:

We all have a signature style that we are comfortable donning, so even when you are all dolled up in your beautiful prom dress, consider your signature hairstyle, the one that looks the best on you, and do not go too far from it for your prom night. If buns look good on you, then stick to it by just adding a fancy touch with hair accessories. If curly hair looks good on you, do not change them entirely by flat ironing them. If you want a vintage prom look, go for a vintage hairstyle. As simple as that. 

Below are some of the popular ways to style your hair for prom: 

  • Braids: Braids are a classic prom hairstyle and you can never ever go wrong with braids on prom night. There are different types of braids you can try with: basic braids, double variation, braids in the crown, etc. They're even more beautiful if you add flowers, ribbons, or even if beads are woven in.

  • The sleek look: Sleek hairstyles look really good on satin gowns or the ones with a body-hugging fit. You can choose to part your hair the way you want and then apply some pomade or hairspray to keep them in place.

  • Side swept hair: Prom hairstyles draped sideways is both charming and graceful. You can use hot rollers to start off. Tease the top a little to give it a lift, pull it to the side, and tie your hair in a low ponytail. 

We can give you all the tips in the world but do not forget that you are beautiful inside out and you will look amazing in whatever you wear. Be confident and flaunt your beauty on your special night. Whatever hairstyle suits you; whatever dress fits you, whatever accessories you choose for yourself, you will definitely carry them well. No need to doubt your grace and beauty. It’s your night, enjoy it to the fullest!


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