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The Ultimate Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Prom Dress

The Ultimate Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Prom Dress

Prom night is one of the best memories of one's life and looking back at those memories always brings tears of joy. As amazing as the pictures are at taking us back to a time in the past, there are a lot of things that can keep the memories afresh. Your prom outfit is one such precious thing and we have come up with a small guide to help you take care of it. Boutiques for prom dresses are keen on this topic and they give you all the information you need for maintaining the dress. However, sometimes we miss out on it.

Read on to find out how to take care of your prom dress step by step, and scroll through for some of the best tips on maintaining the beauty of it!

Before-care for your prom dress:

Remove the wrinkles:

Whenever you bring your dress home from a prom dress boutique near me or order it from online women's clothing stores, allow it some space. Do not let any other object or surface rub against it. Just in case it catches any wrinkles, make sure you straighten it before the prom night. In most cases, the shop from which you bought the dress will give a final steaming to the dress before prom. If not, just check with your local dry cleaner how much would it cost to get a dress pressed.

In case you have to steam it yourself, place the steamer along the inside of your dress and pull it down to dissipate the wrinkles for each piece of fabric. There’s another super easy trick if you don’t have the time to remove the wrinkles or you simply do not possess a steamer. Just hang the dress on your bathroom door, and turn the shower on to the hottest temperature. Leave the dress as it is, hanging for about ten minutes, and it shall do the work.

Store it carefully: 

As mentioned before, store it in a place that doesn’t cause any damage or friction to the dress. Even after wearing it, dry clean it once because any stains could easily ruin the dress. Just in case you are planning to get a spray tan, get it at least a day before the prom. Wash off any residue before you even touch the dress and always have a Tide stick with you while you are wearing the dress. Talking about the storage, store it in a place that is neither hot nor humid. 

A cool and dry place would be the best for storing your dress. Avoid storing it in direct contact with sunlight. That could fade the color of your dress. Make sure to take the dress out of your closet every once in a while. Take some time to air it out and to make sure there’s no damage. The top shelf of your closet is the best storage place.

After-care for your prom dress:

Take care of the stains ASAP! 

Now, you could be the most careful person in the world, but there are a few things that you can't just control. Sweat, make-up, grass, and grease are a few things, to begin with. All these can stain your dress easily. Seek professional help in case the stains are really tough. Do not overdo the bleach, alcohol, or any other chemical in order to clean the dress.

Choose your accessories wisely:

Always apply makeup, beauty products, hair products, and perfume before wearing the dress. Let it all set, and then wear the dress. Be very careful with the accessories so that none of them leave marks or get stuck in your dress. Always be careful while walking, and do not let anything stain or tear your dress.

Avoid eating foods that could damage your dress:

Any kind of gravy or sauce can easily spill on your dress, stain it and ruin it forever. Make sure you eat well before wearing the dress and avoid eating anything that could cause damage to the dress. If you are in an area where everyone is eating, lift your dress while you walk because the food spilled on the floor could also stain the dress. Keep some distance from the food stalls as well.

Read the cleaning instructions

Some of the best clothing stores in Mitchell report that the customers often avoid reading the instructions given on the dress. Read all the instructions on your dress before cleaning it yourself. Make sure you do not use any technique or chemical that could cause damage to it.

The most important advice:

We've gone through all the necessary instructions that you'll ever need to maintain your prom dress. But the most important piece of advice here is to purchase a high-quality prom gown for your special day. Cheap quality raw materials used in the products can easily degrade your look. Your dress will also be prone to damage if you haven’t bought it from the best prom gown boutiques that provide gorgeous designs along with sustainable materials. 

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Your prom dress is the best memory that you’ll ever have of your prom night. Do not let anything stain or ruin it by mistake. The same applies to the dresses of Quinces if you ever have one from boutique stores online. The point here is to be extremely careful and gentle with your dress.