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Tips for Picking the Perfect Prom shoes for Dancing the night away!

Tips for Picking the Perfect Prom shoes for Dancing the night away!

When the occasion is a big one like your Prom Night, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to adorn a chic look. Every young high school sweetheart wants the most gorgeous prom dress, shoes, and Perfect Prom Accessories for this special night. Shoes in particular can make the choice of your outfit a hit or a miss. Many prefer to opt for high heels to wear with their gown while others choose flats, wedges, or platforms. Whatever the style, but matching it right with the outfit is a big challenge that one has to figure out. We believe that the best way to categorize the shoes to choose would depend on the color, style of your outfit, and of course comfort since you will be either standing or dancing for the major part of the night.

So to make your daunting task a tad easy we have rounded up a few tips on….

How you can choose perfect shoes that will compliment your gown just right!

Glitters and Shimmers: 



When your prom dress is jazzy let your shoes be classy. You got us right! If the Prom dress is having too many embellishments like stones and sequins, keep your shoe design as simple and elegant as possible, after all, you don’t wish that your shoes should reduce the value of your dazzling prom outfit. Do you?

You can compliment silver and golden gowns with the same colored shoes, but prefer to choose a lighter tone than that of your dress. Sometimes even black, open or closed high heels would do the trick if the dress has a tinge of black in it.

Cuts to kill:



Well, you need to be extra conscious when you pick up your shoes if you have selected a knee-length dress. The shoes can be high heeled or platforms, but they need to show off your sexy calf and ankles to the fullest, so you can safely choose sandals with buckles or tie around the ankle or even up till your calf. For a high center or side slit gown, you can opt for strappy styles. However, the floor-length ones, which basically would not reveal the footwear can be budget-friendly, since you can go for a simple pump shoe or kitten heel. For simple A-line dresses, flashy high heels would complete the look making you feel like a princess.

Powerful Pastels:



Since the soft hues and shades of these feminine Pastel Prom dresses offer a soothing feel to the eye, the shoes would need to have a bold and sassy style to complete the look. You can try contrasting tones, or even simply studded black shoes with bold motifs and stones. The glittery gold or silver sandal straps or heels would add dazzle around your feet drawing a thousand eyes towards it to make for a complete look whether you're on the dance floor or standing for your photos.

Bewildering Black:



Old is gold and this color has and will top the favorite choice when it comes to color selection for any party wear. Gone are the days when black shoes were worn on black dresses. Today not only people experiment with bold colors such as orange and yellow but also try out different materials such as suede and satin for their footwear to emphasize the elegance of Black Prom Dresses.

Burning Hot: 



Women go gaga over the color red and most recently even maroon. The rich demeanor imparted by these hot colors becomes a show stealer for our young ladies. Now comes the turn of the right kind of shoes, so the old grandma theory to tailor-make the same shade no longer holds true. You can experiment with Printed shoes - tiger, zebra, and leopard prints are wild and trendy these days. Metallic shoes – shades of sparkly or matt silver, gold or bronze fit perfectly well with a bold Red or Maroon prom dress.

Today's world is overwhelmed with a plethora of footwear with styles available both online and in stores, which often puts you in a dilemma of what to choose. The mantra here is simple! You need to give the right weightage to comfort, affordability, and style. Although you have the prom night in your mind when shopping, you ought to consider that you would wear these shoes later for many other formal occasions like weddings and parties. So you can first shortlist the latest trending shoe styles from our collection at Tickled Pink Boutiques including glitter, satin, and suede pieces to match with your prom attire. Any style – be it classic pump style, open toe stiletto, that adds emphasis to your overall appeal is the best, but you must try them out and walk a few times to check your comfort levels – you do not want any pitfalls to ruin your memorable night.



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