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Update Your Style With Cute Cardigans

Update Your Style With Cute Cardigans

The humble cardigans are back and in style too! 

Cardigans are a versatile piece of clothing, especially during the winters. You can style them with skirts, pants, boots, and whatnot. When you buy lightweight, cute cardigans, you can even use it during the summers with shorts!

The cardigans are becoming a hit recently with many new designs and cuts of cardigans coming up. Just go to any online women’s clothing store and you would see cardigans as a part of many collections. 

Wondering how to make a cardigan work for you?

Here’s how you can wear a cardigan sweater as the stars do!

How Can You Style Cardigans of Normal Length?

When you flaunt it right, cardigans can make you look effortlessly cool and sexy. For the normal sweater-type cardigans, there are numerous ways to wear them.

1. Look Effortlessly Stylish with the High-Waisted Denim



When you already have high-waisted denim, you can pick out a slim-fitting cardigan like this Raspberry Leopard Cardigan and tuck them in. Usually, you can pair pastel colored cardigans with the cropped blue denim and kitten heels. You can also wear woolen hats tilted to the side for the winter times and walk around with a swag!

2. Accentuate Your Waist with a Big Belt

Don’t want to look frumpy with a cardigan? Wear a belt! It’s as simple as that.

You can find a lot of loose-fitted cardigans available. Instead of wearing it around as a bulky outfit in the winters, you can look stylish by adding one accessory - a big, wide belt. 

You can make the belt work the best for plain cardigans or cardigans with simple designs. Take the example of this soft cardigan in black and mustard colors. With the right choice of belt, pants, and boots, the outfit would look ravishing!

3. Tie It Up the Casual Way

If you are feeling lazy and in no mood to dress up, you can just pick out a slouchy pullover, tie it up at the front and make it work. You can also wear it off-shoulder to one side and wear your usual denim and flats with your hair tied up in a bun. Pick out a plain colored cardigan like this yellow pullover and never worry about what to wear on a lazy day out.

How Can You Style Long Cardigans?

Long cardigans are often our best friends during the winter. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing you will always want to wear. But are you worried about looking stylish in the long cardigans? Well, use these style tips, and looks smashing!

1. Tshirt, Long Cardigan and Jeans - The Perfect Combination

Deny it or not, this is the combination that always works the best. If you have any second doubts about pulling off a long cardigan, just wear it layered with a trendy tee and jeans.

If you plan to wear a lot of this combination, then invest in a few long cardigans for women that can work for multiple t-shirts and sweaters. 

You can pick out something like this ivory front open cardigan and this burgundy snap button cardigan that you can wear for many outfits. For any such combinations, go with ankle-length boots in black or beige and wear your hair in a low-hanging ponytail.

2. Make the Cardigan Work in the Night

Who said cardigans are only for the daywear? You can make long cardigans work as a partywear too.

Make sure to pick out some quirky cardigan, something that’s unconventional as this leopard kimono cardigan. Wear a maroon tight-fitted top tucked in with a black cropped, fitted denim or leather pants with this cardigan and pointed heels. You wouldn’t believe how hot and appealing you would look!

3. Pair it Up with Knee-Length Boots

If you’re unsure about how a long cardigan will suit you, then here’s a tip that will work all the time. Just wear knee-length boots with black or blue fitted denim or leather pants and with the long cardigan open at the front. This simple hack would transform any outfit into a dapper one.

How to Style Cardigans with Front Buttons?

Front-open cardigans are our absolute favourites because it offers a lot of options to mix and match. Here are a few ideas to wear front-open cardigans in the most fashionable way.

1. Reveal Your Clavicle with Buttoned-Up Cardigan

When you transform from the good, petite girl to the sensual woman, open the cardigan’s top button and pull it back on one shoulder. Pull your hair back to the other side and look drop-dead gorgeous!

For such a look, cardigans like this navy snap button one will work the best. You can wear any bottom wear with it - jeans, long skirts or shorts.

2. Single Shoulder Look with Front-Open Cardigan

While you button-up the cardigan and expose one shoulder in the previous style, this one is more of a casual one with a t-shirt. You can pull down the cardigan up to your elbows without buttoning up and pair that up with a simple t-shirt and denim. You can wear heels or flats with this outfit and keep any other accessories to a minimum.

A lot of front-open cardigans work great when you wear them this way. You can pick out this ash grey cardigan or this waffle cardigan too. The best part is that one day, you can wear such cardigans buttoned up as the main outfit and the next day, you can use the same cardigan to complement your t-shirt.

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