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What kind of Prom Preps Needed a Night before Prom

What kind of Prom Preps Needed a Night before Prom

Hey you! Are you freaking out about your upcoming prom? Whether it’s your first ever or the last prom, proms are always special and exciting! What should be my prom dress? How should I prepare for prom? And all such questions might give you the butterfly feeling in the tummy! 

As you prep up with your gang of girlies you must be having endless giggles and chitchats and anxieties like what if my prom partner kisses me, what will I do if he asks me out, and so on because half the fun about proms are the prepping up till the big night is there. 

But all these anxieties can build up and give you too much stress. What is needed is some serious prom tips on how to prepare for prom without freaking out. Because if you want the best prom night to happen, you need to get your prom preparations right. 

What should I do the night before prom?

From a wardrobe malfunction to forgetting to shave you certainly don’t want such horrors to happen with you. And that’s why you need to start preparing for prom night before. Here is a prom preparation checklist for your quick reference. 

Check your prom dress:

Of course, you want to look your best on your prom night, right? You might have got your gorgeous prom dress finalized long back, but do wear it and give it a try a night before the prom just to ensure there are no stains, wrinkles, dust, a hook missing, or any other last-minute surprises! If there are wrinkles, there is no need to panic! Just give it gentle steam ironing and lay it flat until you wear it. 

Get your hair & face pack right:

Whether you have straight hair or curls, long hair or short, having your hair right on your prom night is equally important. Give it a nice wash and conditioning a night before. Consider doing a deep treatment, for a gorgeous and shiny result. Also, pamper yourself with a face mask to soften your skin and relax your jittery nerves and add a subtle glow to your look.



Don’t forget to shave:

It may sound trivial, but you will be surprised to know that many people forget to shave in the excitement of preparing for prom! So, before going to bed the night before the prom, just check your armpits if they need shaving. Check other areas as well if they need a quick waxing. After all, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself on the prom night!




Check your fingernails and toenails a night before. Do they need pedicure or manicure? Put on the nail paints or any other nail art you want to flaunt so that you can concentrate on your makeup and hairstyling on the day of the prom. 

Stock your bag:

It is important that you carry a small bag packed with all essentials you may need with you for your prom night, Make a list of all things you need to carry and pack them all in the bag a night before. This will help you relax on the prom day and you will not be rushing to pack anything last minute.

Stay hydrated and Energized:



While you must be all pepped up and gung-ho about the prom night, your body should be ready to take all the excitement as well. So how do you keep yourself hydrated and energized to shake your leg and move your body to the beat of the music

First and foremost ditch the sweetener-laden soda drinks to clear fluids and water. 

Secondly Fuel your body with a healthy diet that should have a balanced portion of all categories of food – carbohydrate, fat, and protein. 

Stay away from all the high-calorie junk food and instead choose a simple and light dinner (like a bowl of salads) to keep your body fit and healthy and will keep your tummy taut for the prom.

Get some sleep:

Finally, get some sleep! With all the excitement and preparation, don’t forget to give your body enough sleep. Experts suggest 7-8 hours of good night sleep is needed to recharge the body. You should be rested well the night before your prom because you certainly don’t want to look with dark patches under your eyes. 

We hope we have been able to answer your questions about what to do before prom. Prepare well and make it the best prom night of your life!