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How to Select Shoes to Wear with an Outfit

How to Select Shoes to Wear with an Outfit

Women are often mocked at by the opposite gender for their constant confusion when it comes to getting dressed for any occasion. Even if they may be having a closet full of dresses and shoes when it's time to go you can often find most women hassled about how to match clothes and shoes. Shoes have the onus of augmenting the elegance of an outfit; an inappropriate choice can ruin the beauty of a charming outfit. The best way to categorize what shoes to wear would be based on the color, style, and comfort levels.

Well, it's not rocket science to learn a few basics that would help the confused souls to find the answer to: what kind of shoes should I wear? Here we go with the Women's Shoe style guide!

1) Color is the boss


You don't want your shoes to grab all the attention. Do you? If your outfit is jazzy with bright bold prints, mellow down with your choice of shoes. Let them be simple, just a simple black heel or flats would be perfect. If you think black is too common, go for some nude shades to do justice to your sparkling outfit.

Contrastingly, sober outfits in dull shades can be transformed by adding bright colors and funky patterns. Think of the charm that red color could add to a plain-looking grey dress.

For multi-colored pieces of clothing, zero down on one single color for your shoes.

Do you want to look like a plain Jane of the '80s? I bet it’s a NO! So the rule to follow is that the clothes and shoe color should not be the same. Even slightly lighter shades would do the trick.

You cannot experiment too much in professional settings unless your firm allows you to. So stick to the routine brown, black, and grey in conservative environments.

2) Swap with Season

To get rid of sweaty feet in summers, choose open sandals or espadrilles without socks.

Let winter set in, you will have to transition to wearing loafers, boots, and flats to avoid slipping. Women’s fashion boots not only add style to boring winter clothes but also protects the feet from the airflow

Spring can combine the best of summer and winter women’s shoes as the weather and wardrobe both are flexible during this part of the year.

Autumn won't let you continue with the summer footwear as the heavier fabric of autumn doesn't match with it.

Rainy boots for rainy days and snow boots to walk in the thick snow. Do you have any other options for these?

3) High on heels

Stilettos can make your legs look ooh so slender and long. Pair them with pencil skirts and slim pants to add emphasis to your attractive legs. But, wearing very long or fancy heels in professional settings may not be advisable. Heels are evergreen, adding a classy look when paired up with casuals like jeans and a body-hugging top. If stilettos are not your cup of tea, wear kitten heels that balance both professional and party looks.

For those gals with short legs, ankle and T-straps aren't on your wish list as they cut the length making the legs appear even shorter. Your heel length must not exceed above 4 inches as legs tend to look less slender since high heels flex the calf muscle more.

Sexy ladies with slightly broad feet will have to avoid tapering shoes to cover up for their large feet. Oval or square-shaped heels would work best to camouflage the flaw.

Even though wedges may not give the same kind of elegance as stilettos, pick the right pair to get that chic look. They are a good form of casual wear that is a hell lot of fun to wear.

4) Flattering with comfort

Walking sandals are the best choice for casual outfits like shorts, Capri-pants. Wear them for a picnic or to the beach. The choice is yours!

For professional wear, casual flats would not complement the look. Formal black or brown leather flat can be a choice. Oxfords or loafers (flat or low-heeled) fit very well in the office environment, going well with trousers or skirts

Flats usually suit when worn with knee or above knee length apparel; not recommended for long skirts. Less fancy flats are apt for casual wear, whereas decorative flats can ameliorate the charm of an outfit informal setting.

A combination of skinny pants with flat shoes is an odd one if you have bulging hips. It will distort the balance of the entire body shape.

Sports shoes for the athletic ones are best suited for workouts and other sporting activities. Sneakers are a top choice for those who want to look stylish with comfort. Pseudo athletic shoes with open backs are popular these days when you have to rush out of home for small errands.

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