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Itzy Ritzy

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  1. Itzy Lovey™ Koala Plush with Silicone Teether Toy
  2. Itzy Lovey™ Bunny Plush with Silicone Teether Toy
  3. Ritzy Jingle™ Sloth Attachable Travel Toy
  4. Teensy Teether Soothing Silicone | Pineapple
  5. Itzy Lovey Lion Plush with Silicone Teether Toy
  6. Holiday Penguin Itzy Pal Plush & Teether
    Sold Out
  7. Holiday Santa Itzy Pal Plush Teether
  8. Ritzy Jingle Mushroom Attachable Travel Toy
  9. Bitzy Pal Koala Natural Rubber Pacifier & Stuffed Animal
  10. Rainbow Itzy Pal Plush/Teether
  11. Ritzy Rattle Silicone Teether | Neutral Rainbow
  12. Holiday Bear Itzy Pal Plush & Teether
  13. Holiday Reindeer Itzy Pal Plush & Teether